Lisemco, Monday day 11 month 12 year 2023
Lisemco Company


Conpany is member of the corporation fitted Vietnam - LILIMA and abbreviated name of the company is LISEMCO. Head office located in km5, highway 5, Hong Bang District, Haiphong City.
Company with legal personality independent business accounting and responsible to the state of their business activities, registration certificate of business registration change of first time on 3/1/2008. Spent 50 years founding and development of enterprise 2/9 boat.
To 1992, firms merged to Kien An shipyard  and renamed Hai Phong shipyard, affiliated Hai Phong Industries with functional construction means the building of new ships, tonnage under 500 tons.
Under the direction of plant management and staff employees who are trained at the school and abroad, experience the product of the plant  was awarded  the gold and silver medal at the Fair GIang Vo Exhibition of the year 85, 86, 95. Product of the factory was actively involved in the transportation of goods throughout the North of the destructive war of the U.S imperialists, unexploded mines in 1975. Factory were defense, Navy get and set more ships and the interior ministry put the police received many ships in 1428, high- speed train in the border  guard 1442,1444. General Department of Custom and get set 3 more vessels smuggling machine SD900.

On 20/9/1996, the factory was been transferred to the fitted corporations Vietnam in decided 2220QD/UB on 17/9/1996, following People's Committee of Haiphong city and by decision number 768 BXD -TCLD dated 20/9/1996 of the building took the name of the company manufacturing equipment and ship Haiphong - LISEMCO.

With the boom, the company has become one of the strongest brands in the fields of equipment manufacturing and ship building industry of the country.

On 12/2/2004, the company was honored on the President Tran Duc Luong visit to the company.
On 6/12/2006, the company was rename Company Limited manufacture equipment and ship Haiphong- LISEMCO.

On 19/5/2007, the company has the honor to welcome Prime Minister on working visit in the company.
Until now, brand LISEMCO has been confirmed in the international arena.

On 25/5/2009, LISEMCO has been awarded international star quality by Business Initiatives Oriented Organization - gold reputation and business outstanding achievement in business at the tolls enterprise  quality management system standard QC100 leading.